Dr. Brennan Ring

Dr Brennan Ring

Brennan graduated from Bethany High School in 2014 and went to Oklahoma State University where he majored in business. During his academic breaks, he started working at his dad’s practice as an assistant when he was a sophomore in high school. He continued assisting part time for nine years until he graduated from the OU College of Dentistry in 2021 and joined the practice as a full-time associate.

While in dental school, he met his wife Kate, who also works as a dentist in Oklahoma City. His all-time favorite team is the San Francisco Giants, but he also roots for OU and OSU (in that order) and the Thunder. When he’s not watching sports or practicing dentistry, Dr. Ring builds Lego, plays Xbox, and watches TV with his bride. In his office, you’ll find several completed puzzles, like a grand piano and a Lamborghini, and he would love to show anyone willing to see it. Though you wouldn’t know it, he lifts weights after work, often in the same gym as BreAnne and Phil.