Family Dentist in Oklahoma City, OK

From crowns, root canals and more, we have the full array of technology and equipment on-site to meet all of your needs.

More than that, we are passionate about providing each of our patients with quality OKC dental treatments. We understand how important it is to take care of the only set of permanent, natural teeth that you will have. From preventive teeth cleaning OKC to specialized dental treatments, we know how to keep your smile looking great while protecting the health of your teeth and gums.

Our friendly dental team takes pride in developing lasting relationships with our patients, and we want to give your family the superior oral healthcare that you need. When you are searching for a respected, compassionate dentist near me in the Oklahoma City area, connect with our friendly team at Ring Family Dentistry.

Your Trusted Dentist in Oklahoma City

As your preferred dentist near me in Oklahoma City, Ring Family Dentistry always has your best interests in mind. We know that some dentists in OKC often recommend services and treatments that may not actually be

Family Dentistry in Oklahoma City

At Ring Family Dentistry, we are the team to contact when you need a dentist in Oklahoma City for routine care, specialized treatments and emergency care. As a full-service dental office, we have what it takes to provide quality dental care for your whole family. From your little one’s first OKC teeth cleaning t needed. We take a different approach. Regardless of which of our dentists you are treated by, you are assured that we will take the time to help you understand different treatment options when more than one solution is available. More than that, we will answer all of your questions so that you can decide for yourself which OKC dental treatments are suitable for you at this time.

We strive to create a family environment in our office, and one of the ways that we achieve this is by maintaining a small, talented team of professionals. We work hard to identify skilled individuals who are as passionate about oral healthcare as we are, and we provide a happy work environment so that we can retain the talented team that we have worked hard to build. Regardless of whether you are getting treatment for teeth whitening OKC with a hygienist, you are having a specialized treatment completed by a dentist or you are making your next appointment at the front desk, one thing is certain. You will always be treated with the highest level of respect.

Gentle, Effective Dentistry for the Whole Family

When you think about going to the dentist, do you feel at least mildly apprehensive? Between the sounds, smells, poking and prodding, we understand why some of our patients prefer to fight through a nagging tooth pain or bleeding gums until the problem becomes severe. Some people even put off getting basic care, such as a teeth cleaning OKC, for many months longer than they should. We work hard to make the dental treatment experience more pleasant for our patients.

When you choose us for dentistry in Oklahoma City, you are choosing to enjoy gentle yet effective care that resolves all of your concerns. We want you to have a positive experience each time you visit our clinic, and we will do our part to ease concerns and to make you as comfortable as possible throughout all of your treatments. From a lighthearted conversation before a routine hygiene check to nitrous oxide and a gentle hand for implants in OKC, we know how to set our patients’ minds at ease.

Quality Dental Treatments Using Advanced Methods

Dentistry in Oklahoma City has evolved dramatically over the last several decades since we opened our family clinic. Advancements have enabled our team of hygienists and dentists in OKC to progressively provide superior care to our patients. At the same time, many advancements have supported faster and gentler care. In fact, thanks to our Cerec milling unit, we can complete same-day restorations in our office. There is no need to stretch the installation of crowns or implants in OKC across days or weeks.

This is only one of many examples of how our team has embraced modern technology. We continually keep up with new advancements so that we can identify ways to provide our patients with an even higher level of care in the future. When you visit your Oklahoma City dentist at our clinic, we will happily tell you more about the advanced care and treatment options that could be suitable for your current needs.

Teeth Cleaning

Even with your best efforts at brushing and flossing, you may not remove all of the particles and plaque that can accumulate in your mouth. Scheduling teeth cleaning OKC every six months is an essential part of oral hygiene. Through this hygiene treatment, all of the buildup can be removed so that cavities, gum disease and other similar issues can be prevented. Your dentist in OKC will also complete a thorough review of your overall oral health during your visit. In some cases, we can identify developing issues so that they can be treated earlier.

Teeth Whitening

While you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, you also want to feel confident showing off your smile on a daily basis. Unfortunately, everything from smoking to age, dark beverages and more can lead to yellowing and discoloration. You may have already tried home-based whitening treatments and been less than impressed with the results. Our treatments for teeth whitening OKC are stronger and more effective than anything that you can buy at a local drugstore. During your next OKC teeth cleaning session, inquire about our different types of whitening treatments.

Restorative Treatments

Are you dealing with tooth loss related to an injury or poor hygiene? Implants in OKC can restore your beautiful smile, improve speaking and eating abilities and even prevent bone loss. Other restorative treatments that are available through our dental office in Oklahoma City are crowns, bridges and partials. Because of the CEREC technology in our office, we offer same-day restorative treatments that may be suitable for many patients.

Convenient Hours with Emergency Care Available

At Ring Family Dentistry in Oklahoma City, we want to make oral healthcare easy for our patients to access. We are available to serve you Monday through Thursday during convenient business hours. Some emergency situations may arise from time to time that dictate the need for prompt attention. Whether you have just broken a tooth or you are dealing with another serious situation, our valued patients can count on our team to provide the OKC dental treatments that are needed without delay.

A Relaxed, Welcoming Environment

We want each of your visits to your Oklahoma City dentist to be both productive and comfortable. While our clinic is equipped with advanced technologies that enable us to provide superior care to our patients, our clinic also has a relaxed, friendly ambiance. You will always be greeted with a warm smile when you arrive, and you will be treated with respect throughout each treatment. Because we are a family dental clinic that treats adults as well as children, we proudly maintain a home-like environment that you will love.

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Is it time for your next teeth cleaning or gum treatment in OKC? Are you dealing with nagging tooth pain or have another concern? Regardless of the type of treatment that you need, now is the perfect time to schedule your next appointment with one of our Oklahoma City dentists. We are the clinic to call when you need a dentist near me for routine hygiene, cosmetic and restorative treatments. Call our office today to request an appointment, or connect with us online for assistance.